Don't misunderstand me; we are not making any promises.

Thank you for everything you've done.

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We'll always do our best.


It will take an hour to get there.

He tried to convince them of his innocence.

Debi shot Jennifer.

If they drive God from the earth, we shall shelter Him underground.

I don't want you to do that anymore.

Are you sure this is the place?

Let's see if Scott can manage to do it by himself.


The man standing over there next to the bookcase has a photographic memory.


The parents are criminals!


Give it to me straight.

Jacob just got back to Boston today.

I don't cry when I am happy.


"Where is Son?" "He's not working today."

Do you know what to do with this?

In that interview, Antonio talks about his son that died a few years ago.

This is dangerous stuff.

Bangladesh became independent in 1971.

"Is he coming?" "No, I don't think so."

It's actually not that difficult.

He soon accustomed himself to cold weather.

I hope you do fine.

Should I get her for you?

I'm concerned, of course.

We seem to keep grappling with the same old problem.

We believed that the earth moves round the sun.

It shines on the beautiful sea.

This is Karl's favorite book.

That's a completely unfounded rumor.

You think to play with me?


Micky has no perspective.

Kevan has an iPhone.

Raman bought Monty a little present.

Everyone says that he is the very image of his father.

The person who descended from the coach was a woman of about 22 or 23 with, if I had to say, a plain appearance. At a glance, I knew that she was a guest coming from Paris. She was alone.


He stayed home from school because he wasn't feeling well.

"Everything accomplished starts with the dream of it," is a saying we all know to be true.

I don't think it's going to rain today.

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Bernard Kouchner, who established Medecins Sans Frontieres, did not oppose the Iraq war.

I recall feeling so good at that time.

He's bad in bed.

I'd be happy to show you around.

We should ask Olson what he thinks.

"How long till dinner?" -"Five minutes."

I think she likes him.

Paula knew exactly what to say.

What would get their attention?

Just sit down, Avery.

I used to make sure I put a cover over my motorcycle at night.

He took me for everything I had.

I need to change into my costume.

He reported fully what he had seen to the police.

Mr Hirano is looked up to as an excellent engineer.

Lucius cut the pie into six pieces.

Hector knows exactly what Patrice means.

They went to an expensive restaurant for lunch.

Alison cannot cook.

But what is it that I am? A thing that thinks. But what is a thing that thinks?

Are you a baseball fan?

We'll try.

I will give her the book tomorrow.

I'm not interested in her.

Anyone who protested, lost his job.

Could you save this dress for me?

There's a monster under my bed.

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I haven't seen the movie, nor do I want to.

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I guess the battery must be dead.

Are you asking me or telling me?

I have another friend in China.

Frank did outstanding work.

I'm sorry, I have no idea.

Samuel is very kind.

The leader dismissed the demonstrators in the park.

She wasn't hurt, but she got goose bumps when her car nearly crashed.

It's getting harder.


We are in for an unusually hot summer this year.

How many people are currently here?

Ken dreamed of Naoto.

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William is so organized. He's always on top of things.


The letter is being written at this very minute.

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If you learn five new English words a day, that's 1,825 words a year, and 182,620 words in one hundred years that you can learn.

Her fear proved completely wrong.

I've been feeling the same way.


Let us know where you'll be staying.

Phillip knows why.

Go and tell Olivier.

I want to go home and see my wife.

No one I know can afford to eat out anymore.


The whole class burst into laughter at the teacher's joke.

You shouldn't smoke whilst you work.

In situations like these, it's best to remain calm.

We enjoyed the quiz show on television last night.

I'm pretty good at math, but calculus is way over my head.

Though Mike likes his job very much, it does not pay well.

No holocaust must ever happen again.

I'll do more than that.

How careless he was to pinch his fingers in the door!

I've been waiting for this for a year.

I keep all my old pictures upstairs in a wooden box.

Mr. Sato practices archery on weekends.

Mike looked a little hurt.


This boy has a strong and healthy body.

My younger brother can run about as fast as I can.

Gilles made fun of the way I talk.

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Where is the fat located?


The doctors are engaged in cancer research.

Lighten up.

Brandi is getting leaner and stronger.

The Bridge of No Return separates the two Koreas.

It's only Narendra.

An enemy is anyone who tells the truth about you.

Give me that bottle.

I will call on your tomorrow, weather permitting.

He did what I told him to do.

We paid for our food and then left.

He is proud of his scholarship.

My heart pounded at the future excitement.

Why don't you go tell Lar the good news?

Luke picked up the stamp and took a closer look.

He is hunchbacked.

That was a masterpiece they often talked about.

God is the absolute being.

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It doesn't look good, does it?


He's a skirt-chaser.

Please breathe through your nose.

Tony saw green fields and small, quiet villages.

Apart from his parents, nobody would defend the suspect.

Advertising is everywhere.

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Camels have either one or two humps.

This milk has a peculiar taste.

Seth will enjoy doing it.

Either one of us will be chosen.

Rosie was allowed to stay up till eleven o'clock.

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It was so cold this morning that I left my coat on.

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It's a bad time to sell.

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Mother cleared away the table.

Manuel works in a cubicle.

I've wanted to tell you this for a long time: Your cynical jokes are unbearable.

She fell down and hurt her knee.

It'd be better to avoid her now, because she's violent.


I guess I should get home to my wife.

Where have you been, Naoto?

I love tapioca pudding.

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Shirley lost it.

Kazuhiro didn't know whether Tomas was safe or not.

She is good-natured.


Do not disturb.


The guests caught him in his pajamas.


Jane and I play the piano very well.

This tax is applied to all private-sector enterprises.

I'm grateful to you for your help.

I didn't want you to make a fuss.

Liyuan wants to stick around.

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I've been told this is a quiet town.

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Illness often results from poverty.

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Let's find out who killed her.


Does it hurt when you chew?


There were many others.

The engine works well.

In this country, everyone spies on everyone else.


Have you seen him so often these days?